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What you say when you're on the chairlift while a large bitch tries to ski (or snowboard) down the terrain park. The whale will either:

Try to look in the direction the insult came from, causing her to fall and result in a massive crater,


Will attempt to actually do a backflip off of the jump, usually ending up with the fat bitch plowing through the jump, or leaving half an inch above the jump and landing on her ass.

It is also best to add a hand gesture, such as a rotating your fist in a circle, like that of a backflip.
Yesterday I told a big bitch to do a backflip off the jump, but she just plowed into three other people while looking at me with a confused expression.
by Alpined February 19, 2005
A massive female. A big bitch.
Dude, did you see that bigotch? She was fuckin' HUGE!
by Alpined February 19, 2005
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