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1 definition by Almanaseer/Lambrou

(noun) Mildly derogatory term referring to anyone working in a nightclub or bar (the 'Industry')

(adj) Descriptive term used to denote a style, fashion, or trait common to someone who works in a nightclub or bar
(example 1)
Guy 1: Why you still banging that industrial that gave you herpes?
Guy 2: Dude, we don't have to wait in line or pay for drinks when we goto the club she works at!

(example 2)
Woah! Check out that guy with the Affliction shirt and bandana tied around his wrist. He looks sooo industrial.

(example 3)
That chick is hot. Too bad she's an industrial and only dates losers that work in the Industry.

(example 4)
Girl 1: Why did you stop dating Billy?
Girl 2: He's a fucking loser without a real job! He's almost 30 and still working as an industrial.
by Almanaseer/Lambrou January 20, 2008