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1)the primary male sex hormone
2) the thing that ball cutters want to get rid of, and the thing that giggling brainless whores love (or any giggling woman for that matter. (as long as shes not a 40 year old army nurse. (on second thought 40 year old army nurses love testosterone but they act like they are above sex or anything of the flesh so getting sexual might freak them out) (testosterone doesn't mean shit if you have no libido, so fuck while you can as early as you can) (remember the younger you fuck at the better. and if you've yet to fuck than GO FUCK (oh and you should be sexually attracted to the girl before fucking her) (P.S. GIRLS GET PREGNANT FROM FUCKING)

you better not give me thumbs down cause I said ball cutters, because they are out there and they will get you they could even be behind you! the only way to stop them is to fuck somebody and enjoy it all the way then fly your colors up: "dedicated lover." then read "one flew over the cuckoos nest" because its a badass book, and it shows that the only real way to stop a ball cutter from ever cutting ball again, is to kill them
After it had destroyed his testosterone he was forced to live as a shell of what he once was. until he did push-ups everyday like rocky and built himself up to fight one last fight

p.s. testosterone is raised while weight training and therefore so is estrogen because testosterone is aromatized to estrogen so if you want to be less of a asexual prick get that testosterone flowin and do some pushups EVERYDAY who knows what'll happen
by All I Have Typed This -L December 29, 2009

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