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A photographer of porn in other words not an ordinary photographer.
Someone who photographs porn.
by Alan Iveson November 12, 2004
Burnley FC central defender and currently the best in the world.
Scorer for Burnley number four John McGreal!
by Alan Iveson November 12, 2004
The Scottish version of Phil Florence
Phil McFlorence Phil McFlorence Phil McFlorence
by Alan Iveson January 21, 2005
Arran Crossland friend of Phil Florence
Look there's Arran Crossland
by Alan Iveson January 14, 2005
A small team full of inadequate miscriants. Let's hope the super BURNLEY draw them in the FA Cup 3rd round and give the bastards the pummeling they deserve.
Hate bastard rovers, we only hate bastard rovers
by Alan Iveson November 15, 2004
Ben Almond of Ermysteds Grammar School in Skipton
Almond, Almond, Almond!
by Alan Iveson November 12, 2004

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