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An annoying-ass singing girl who is borderline emo. Her song, "A Thousand Miles", is the epitome of cliched pussy lyrics. Her songs make any heterosexual male cringe, and any girl who isn't Paris Hilton or a fan of Green Day want to DIE. As for being underrated, I will admit that she does have instrumental talent... too bad she botches it with these seriously annoyingly whiny songs. Some artists actually ARE underrated for a reason. Carlton falls into this category.
Remember that movie "White Chicks"? The fact that those rich, pathetic, mentally-5-years-old bitches are obsessed with this Vanessa Carlton song proves my above points. She totally doesn't deserve more fame and more time on the radio whining out her depressing songs that make every self-respecting music lover want to cut themselves.
by Al Kohaulick November 16, 2006
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