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When one masturbates as he is on the toilet having a shit

formed by the blending of 'wank' and 'shit'
Ahhhh My shit was talkin that long to come out i decided to have a shank.
#shit #wank #masturbate #faeces #dog meat
by Ainzy October 02, 2008
Slink (sometimes pronounced Shlink) is a woman is has a reputation or appears to be a "sket" ie "Slag"
Used as a derrogatory insult

"Fuck you, you Slink!"

Sometimes pronouced Shlink as it has a nice sound to it
#slink #shlink #slag #sket #slut
by Ainzy February 27, 2008
Derived from the bo selecta skit , when sum1 has a particularly smelly fart
(imagine the smell of crab paste)
"Ohhh ive crab pasted"
"shit i gta a crab paste cumin"
#crab paste #fart #turd #mel b #shit #crab
by Ainzy October 02, 2008
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