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A) Young girl, normally prepubescent or in early teens, that likes seducing older men, or that, without trying seduces older men with her charm,and/or her body.

B) Nickname for Dolores (or Delores).

C) Japanese street fashion depicting Victorian clothing, popular betwwen teens, young women and even boy (a good example is Mana). This style has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani and everything to do with Mana from Malize Mizer, as he was the one that made it popular. It's very different from the American and UK Goth style.
It has three main variations:
Sweet Lolita: the main object is to look as cute and pretty as possible, imitating either a Victorian child or a Victorian dool. It has curly hair styles (mainly), lace blouses, puffy kneelngth (or a little shorter) skirts, lace gloves, lace-trimmed stockings or tights, platform shoes, adn a variety of hairpieces from bonnets to ribbons. It may include teddy bears or Super Dollies and a variety of handbags and parasols. Capes are also used The colors are pastels and lots of white.

Gothic Lolita: It's darker than the Sweet Lolita as it depicts Victorian mourning clothing, even if they still wear kneelength puffy skirts. The colors are darker, and handbags may include coffin and bat shapes.

Classic Lolita: Classic lolitas dress still in Vcitorian clothing, but it is a little more mature, less lacey, and the object is not to look like a doll or shild anymore.

There is a counter part for Lolita style: EGA or Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. This is used by boys and young men, and sometimes by women too.
Mana dresses in Gothic Lolita style because he wears mouring Victorian clothing.
by Aiko Shigami February 11, 2006

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