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Okay. Emos are a bunch of poser assholes. As you may already know by the 1,000+ definitions of "emo".

Emos are:
1. Ususally seen shopping at Hot Topic, Zumiez, or some other clothing store that is expensive and over indulgent on the whole stripes and skulls theme.
2. In need of a shower. Really badly.
3. Seen with their large groups of emo buddies even though though they say that they are "alone". Psh.
4. Found writing weakass "poems" about breaking up with their girlfriends. Half the WORLD's been there. And they got OVER it. You should too.
5. Stupid. Get a life.
6. Usually trying to pass off their feeble scratches on their wrists as a sign of their self-"mutilation".
7. Fucking preps of the night.

And the list goes on and on...

Please note: Not all people who wear black, have long bangs, are depressed, or preform acts of self-mutilation on themselves are emo. They could like the color, the hair style, or are in some sort of maniac-depression.
Real life experiences:

Aiken: *outrageously funny joke*
Emo: I would laugh, but I can't show emotion.
Aiken: STFU bitch! *punch*

Here's some fun:
What do emo kids use as birth control? Their personalities.

What do you call 1000 emos at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.
by Aiken BabySlayer September 13, 2007

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