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A general (slut) of a female , who normally has rather low self esteem / attractivess, whom gives out sexual favoures 2 feel better about themselves.They also collect STD's like pokemon cards.
'' OMFG Donna just gives out hand jobs like a hooker''
''Dont worry about it, shes only a skank assed-hoe ''

Skank assed-hoe 1 '' Hey Sharleena, guess who just caught Herpies ''
Skank assed-hoe 2 '' You BiAtch, i havnt got that 1 yet ''
Passing normal girl '' Filthy dog ''

''Dont go behind the bike sheds, the skank assed-hoes are doing their 'bizzle' .
by Aiden Bsw September 10, 2006

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