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The younger version of Abercrombie & Fitch. Has cool clothes for the smaller teen. Great place to get vintage, worn-in clothing. Prices may be slightly high for jeans, but its well worth it as long as it doesn't look like you could've ripped then yourself. Classic, care-free and comfortable. I hate it when people say they hate Abercrombie people. Its alright if they hate the store and the clothes and the prices, but saying that you hate everyone who wears Abercrombie is wrong. Its being 'overly-individual' and is now very cliche to say "people who wear A&F want to follow the crowd." Some of them do, like 7 yr olds wearing the brand because their sisters wear it, but you can't judge the rest. Very mixed feelings about this.
Jane: These Abercrombie clothes are so comfortable! I just hate those overpriced ripped jeans!
Amy: It's so annoying to see 7 year olds wear everything in that store! Look, it does'nt even fit her!
Alice: Gosh, you're such posers! I'm a punk and I'm so individual! You should be too! Get your clothes at Hot Topic! Thats where all the punks go!
by Adriana Vargas May 29, 2005
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