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fat, saggy, jelloppy, used, worn, faded, loose, old
java du hut is jellubbed,
by Adi Barnes June 11, 2008
sloppy, not tryin, weak, all over,
i just got some jalloppy head, head from a sloth it was jalloppy.
by Adi Barnes June 11, 2008
really cool, dtf, fun, genious, hillarious, fuck sexy, good, the best, number 1, rockin, everything amazing.
dem titties is wooday, i'd like to show her some wooday, its wooday today, im feelin wooday, i want some wooday, avacados are wooday.
by Adi Barnes June 11, 2008
wack, gay, stupid, crappy, anoying, not cool not wooday
yo mamaz flopy jullopy punany is mad bunany!
by Adi Barnes June 11, 2008
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