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A people who, in the majority, are normal people who happen to be attracted to both sexes.

Unfortunately, a minority exists in the bisexual crowd that thinks either A: Everyone is bi and straight or gay people are just in denial B:thinks they are superior to straight or gay people because they have a more "open mind" or C: Say they are bi just because they want to seem hip and/or progressive
"Cool bi people don't make a big deal about being bi."

"I'm not bisexual. It's not because I'm homophobic, I just quite frankly don't find men attractive."

"Just because you say you are bi doesn't make you counterculture"
by Adam Harris Dawkins June 17, 2007
A home-grown American cult that grew into a world religion. Is loosely based on the more popular cult called "Christianity" (which is, of course, based in the cult of Judaism with a little Mithraism thrown in).

Like Catholicism, has its own secret rituals, shady hierarchy, and massive amounts of guilt and shame thrust upon its adherents.
"I'm a Mormon because I was brainwashed from birth to believe that some asshole racist prospector talked to god, gave no proof for his claims, and now am forced to feel guilty every time I think about poontang"
by Adam Harris Dawkins June 15, 2007
Someone who does not believe in a deity.

Does not need to be "tolerant" of other people's silly, unfounded ideas when he knows full well that people kill each other over said silly unfounded ideas.

"Intolerant" atheists are usually dismissed as being "close-minded" or spiteful, when in fact they merely actively debate against the idea of using faith as a means of acquiring truth.

They debate it not because they feel superior, but because they know that faith is a dangerous idea with significant consequences in the world.

Atheist:"I think Mike's belief in green fairies is kind of ridiculous"

Theist:"I agree, Mike will believe anything!"

Atheist:"I think your belief in God is kind of ridiculous as well"

Theist: "Hey, don't bash my beliefs man!"

There should be no taboo in debating religion, as there is none in science, politics, or any other forum
by Adam Harris Dawkins June 17, 2007
1:A hypothesis that has become a part of a massive media hysteria, with many thinking (wrongly) it will mean the end of life on Earth, leading many to make hasty judgments which may look rather silly 20 years from now

2: A subsection of the Church of Environmentalism called "The Church of Anthropomorphic Climate Change". Like most religions, there's guilt (My car only gets 20 mpg!), sin (using gasoline), penance (being "carbon-neutral"- hell, you can even pay off your conscience in the form of "Carbon-credits" just like in the ol' Catholic Church days!), and even heretics (any and all dissenting scientists are crushed by the mighty PR boot- some even being compared to holocaust deniers simply because they disagree with the science!)

3: A hypothesis made by people who either are jealous of the developed world or feel guilty about living in it that makes an excuse to punish progress and capitalism; wealth redistribution under the guise of environmentalism
All this global warming hysteria is going to look mighty fucking stupid in the future
by Adam Harris Dawkins June 15, 2007

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