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1. excessive suffixes
2. the practice of using extra suffixes on words
words that have suffixiousness:

* awesomeacious
* fantasticaliciousness
* anonymousnessity

1. "The fatasticaliciousness nature of this situation is awesomacious"

2. "Your suffixiousness is killing me"
#suffix #conjugation #affix #awesomeacious #fantasticaliciousness #anonymousnessity
by Adam Eivy January 09, 2008
a·ci·ta·cious (ah-si-tey-shuhs)

1. characterized by supplying the suffix -acity on words that may not need it.
2. a type of suffixiousness, using -acity as the main instrument of verbal bludgeoning.
Person A: "My cleveracity is too great for you."
Person B: "Your acitacious suffixiousness is too weak to match my awesomeaciousness."

acitacious words:

cleveracity, urbanacity, awesomacity, doggedacity, tenaciousacity, etc...
#suffix #suffixiousness #adding #extra #cleveracity
by Adam Eivy February 28, 2008

a gesture, drawing or symbolizing an emoticon
Usage Examples:

* :) pointing two times in vertical relation, followed by an enclosing swoop
* :( pointing two times in vertical relation, followed by a non-enclosing swoop
* o_0 holding both hands in binocular formation over ones eyes, with one circle clearly larger than the other. With this one, it helps to make wild eyes behind the encircling fingers.

Verbal Examples:

1. "Your gesticons are better than mine."
2. "I made a new gesticon today but it's too complex and looks more like I'm doing a chicken dance."
#emoticon #icon #gesture #sign #symbol
by Adam Eivy April 30, 2008
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