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The Penny Dome Bitches, more formally known as the P.D.B.'s are an infamous organization of street dwellers who roam around looking to give blow jobs for the cheapest of prices. The standard wages for Penny Dome Bitches are 3 cents for head and 5 cents for sex. However, it must be noted that certain P.D.B.'s are easily persuaded and prices can be negotiated (see Perri K.). As The P.D.B.'s rose to power and there reputation grew they started to notice a huge fan base. Since there debut on the streets, sucking penis of all shapes and sizes, they have been the topic of songs such as "The Penny Dome Bitches, givin dome for pennies" By The Homeless Addicts and "I ain't got pennies but i got some crack!" By Down on all 4'z.

To become a P.D.B. one must perform tests that are both mentally and physically demanding. In addition they must be certified for accreditation by the founders of the P.D.B.s (America Y, Perri K, Edie F and last but not least, Anais K)
"Yo man i need some head" explained David..
"Bro, you know the deal the penny dome bitches are right around the corner" Adam responded enthusiastically.
by Adam Benny March 26, 2008

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