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1 definition by Adam BITCH

1) anyone who says one thing and does the opposite... while you were in complete faith that they were gonna do the first thing. 2) someone who is a constant bother, annoying, pestering, "up your ass like a trout in a gay sailor uniform. 3) kevin or someone of kevin descent. 4) just someone you think sucks. 5) that thing that clean your cooter (they look like turkey baisters for your cunt...
"OH GoD Suzy, YOU Should put a sign on your door or something. i thought i smelt clean lobster!?"

"STop Eating eating all the banana Runts, Douche!"

"i helped your mom douche out her shnauzberrys lastnight. it sorta made me want creme soda at first than the smell hit me. i think we're over dude.... sry"
by Adam BITCH April 12, 2005