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A unique type of dumbass that will ride in your blind spot while you are driving in heavy traffic. When an automobile driver is changing lanes, they will refuse to move, possibly resulting in rear vehicle road pizza. They may also decide to change into your lane when you are turning onto another high traffic road at a major intersection.

Afterwards they may blame you for the potentially fatal accident, citing that their bikes are equal to cars, when in reality they are not. Many are backwards rednecks that refuse to get a real job or a real car or even to take a shower.

Never confuse these people with speedbikers, as speedbiking takes skill. Not to mention that speedbikers are smart enough to pass you on the road instead of camping in your blind spot.
In other news, yet another biker was killed while performing a reckless maneuver during rush hour this evening.

See social darwinism.
by AbandonedCondor September 29, 2007

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