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A Nuclear Bong holds the most powerful Hits of Pot or Hashish.
A Nuclear Bong holds the most powerful Hits of Pot or Hashish.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS October 05, 2010
Inability to pee inside the rim.
If you see water marks on your shoes, the floor, and liberally sprayed around (After Peeing) then your Toilet Blind.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS May 27, 2015
Publication of investigative journalism with portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.
Porky's I, II, III, the Documentary. A serious SEXposé on the Movie Series.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS April 17, 2015
One who is using out of date words and abbriviations while texting.
You are so old you use retrotextual words while texting.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS September 25, 2010
Hard paper that rashes your ass.
The toilet paper made my ass smell. Just another Toilet Paper Burn.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS July 01, 2015
Oral Sex.
The hooker left a calling card of Lipstick Around Your Dip Stick last night.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS June 29, 2015
Governor Chris Christie Kreme Doughnuts.
If Governor Chris Christie visits another Krispy Kreme, they will Crown him; Governor Chris Christie Kreme.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS June 12, 2015

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