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The worlds first scooter that is powered only by the raging sexiness of Mr. Aaron Argenti. When he puts on green trackpants and takes off his shirt, he can drive himself to China, towing a busload of dirty hoebags.
Dirty Hoebag: Oh no Im out of gas, how will I get to Argenti's RV ?
Aaron Argenti: Shut up bitch and hop onto The Argenti Scooter
Dirty Hoebag: Can my skanky ditch pig friends come along?
Aaron Argenti: Only if they like Tony Danza's, fuck yeah !
by Aaron Argenti November 29, 2004
The destination when a guy bangs a girl in his RV all night, keeping everyone else in the area awake.
Jeff: I didnt sleep at all last night.
Aaron: That's cause I took that bitch to Awesomeville.
Nino: Did you give her a Tony Danza?
Aaron: Fuck yeah.
by Aaron Argenti November 28, 2004
A man who enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and wears green trackpants, but frequently brings home dirty hoebags and pounds them like a champ.
Nino: How do you keep getting all these bitches?
Aaron: Fuck man, Im the Dungeonmaster!
Jeff: Do you like to give Tony Danza's ?
Aaron: Fuck yeah
by Aaron Argenti November 28, 2004
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