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An affectionate term for pee that is to be sipped or drank as it leaves your lover's body.

In most cases, consuming "Warm Lemonade" refers to an affectionate sharing of bodily fuids. As such, it is not at all like other forms of "Golden Showers" which often have underlying B and D or S and M components.

Since the first pee in the morning is often highly concentrated, it is usually not the best for good tasting Warm Lemonade. Also, note that consuming certain artificial sweetners (such as saccharin, but *not* aspartame) can sweeten the taste of Warm Lemonade.

One word of caution: dont let it cool to room temparature, Warm Lemonade is best when consumed straight from the tap.
Sweetheart, before you pee, give me a sip of your Warm Lemonade.

Girl: Stop going down on me, I have to pee !!
Guy: Please, my love, let me taste your Warm Lemonade !!
by AARRGGHHH April 18, 2006
A penis that has been covered with vaginal blood.
I didn't know she was on the rag until I pulled my 8" cock out, and saw that she had given me a Strawberry Banana.
by AARRGGHHH January 11, 2006
The act of a woman becoming so excited that she pees just before, during, or after reaching orgasm.

Although some men will claim to experience a peegasm, they are bullshiting, since the male urinary system does not allow urine and semen to be released at the same time.
She was on top, riding me, and she had a peegasm. It felt like she was having a 2 minute long orgasm !!
by AARRGGHHH April 18, 2006

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