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When two people would like to add each other as friends, but don't want to be the ones who make the friend invitation. This puts them in a game of Facebook Chicken, where they wait until the first person gives in to making the first add invitation.
A: "Check out the pictures of Jenny in the 80s party, it's hilarious!"
B: "Uhh, I have to view it through John, right?"
A: "Yea, your his friend, right?"
B: "Eh, we are still playing Facebook Chicken."
A: "Serious? We've known him for 2 years!"
B: "Yea, but then he'll think I want to be his friend."
A: "But you do!"
B: "I know, but I want him to be the first to ask me, it's complicated ok!"
by A3DFX May 05, 2008
Similar to 'back washing,' back dropping occurs when discrete piece of food is dropped back onto the place they are taken from. For example, eating a bag of chips and having a few pieces from your mouth fall back inside the bag.
Matt: WTF dude, give me back my chips, you're back dropping like crazy!
by a3dfx December 17, 2007
When watching an online video and the image of the thumbnail you clicked that directed you to the video appears.
"Hey Mark, are you sure this is the right video?"
"Yea dude, I just had Deja Video"
by A3DFX November 10, 2007
Turning a potentially successful business into shit because the owner sold out to advertisers.
Did you hear about Digg? They totally MySpaced it.
by a3dfx March 09, 2012
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