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the act of having hot dirty sex with a woman, and right before she reaches the point of an explosive climax, you pull out and kick her in her sweat box.
while jackie was getting trained by 5 military dudes at once in here extra large sweat box, she was getting ready to reach climax when all 5 dudes pulled an mongolian gas pedal rupturing both ovaries, leaving a nike shoe print on her sweat box.
by A.W. and DAVID August 15, 2006
A person who is most lazy. IE: Never having a job, and one who can not be counted on by others. One who sits in a crowd with his finger up his ass, acting like he knows whats going on. Someone that would be considered a moocher
A.W.: "Hey Alex...Why are you not at work today"?
Alex: " I'm pulling a Burdick.
by A.W. and David August 26, 2006

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