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The Morris Marina was a car produced by British Leyland from 1971 to 1980. It was restyled by Italdesign and renamed the Ital which gave the car a further 4 years of life. The cars were basically good cars, mechanically similar to the iconic Morris Minor but with the addition of the 1.8 B Series engine, the cars were available with 4 door saloon body, 2 door Coupe and 5 door estate and a panel van was also available. The coupe spawned the rare Mumford convertible, the coupe was also the body style which was the cooking TC version which had the MGB's engine and carburettors and was actually superior to the MGB in many ways. It was the bolshie and beligerant shop stewards of the 1970's which destroyed the reputation of this car because his workforce wern't interest in building them which lead to variable build quality, it has been said that the ones that are still with us are the ones built by scabs, cos they were the only ones with any dilligence!
The Morris Marina was one fine looking car ruined by the mismanagement and idiotic behaviour of a workforce who couldn't have given a shit, and we wonder why Rover is finished??
by A soppy old duffer October 26, 2005
The Austin Allegro was a car built by British Leyland between strikes and the year 1973-82. These cars were alright for their time but the poor build quality and the ill-concieved design at times is what did for these cars and gave them their bad reputation. By the time the Allegro S3 came along in 1979 it had been largely redeveloped into what it should have been when launched 6 years previously. Typical british really, a good idea blighted by shite workforces and bad design.
The Allegro, another word for lively and a car by BL
by A soppy old duffer October 28, 2005

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