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EasyRhino is a member of marapets that buys his friends and harasses people that are not his friends. He is a fool, fraud, idiot, loser, just too much to list
EasyRhino has bought most of marapets staff and most adult forum members, just to name a few Indygo, canadasbabe, v1ct0r14, debbieg2004 I find that one funny being as he said her profile pic scared the hell out of him uzmutt and alot of others.
by A friend of the mines May 13, 2008
marapets is a site that allows some of its members to be harrassed by other members that have staff friends while banning members that attempt to stand up for the members being harassed.
A member of marapets whom I shall call EZ loves to make forums bashing other members who have angered him in some way or those that have not allowed him to get the last word and staff allow these boards to take place and then a member will come along and tell him to stop and get mad that staff is allowing it and its that member that gets iced and not the trouble maker.
by A friend of the mines May 10, 2008

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