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#1: Orgy

#2: A massive explosion

#3: Before the beginning (what?) there was nothing, and it exploded (what?).

In order for something to exist or happen three things are required: Time, Dimensions and Matter. In nothing these cannot exist, and yet apprently the Universe existed in the form of an infinetly dense, infinetly heavy thing - which should've made a black hole, but didn't. Also something triggered the Universe to start expanding, Scientists don't know what that was (admit it). Also according to the Law of Angular Momentum all fragments that are expelled from an object spin the same direction as the object. Saturn, Uranus, several moons and a couple of glaxies spin "backwards". Also according to the Second Law of thermodynamics all objects in a Closed System (the Universe), go from Order to Disorder. An explosion is not order it is disorder (Did the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima create order? No it did not.). Yet the universe has been operating just fine for billions of years, with 0 sign of disorder. So in order for the Big Bang to occur it would have to disobay a bunch of scientific laws. But still scientists believe it.

Some creationists say that the Earth is ~6000 years old. Nowhere in the bible does it say that. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." Then on the first creative day God made the Earth inhabitable (water, atmosphere etc.).

People say that the Bible is unscientific, that is not true. The ark that Noah built was a box, a very big box. Are there any ships that are basically boxes? Yes container ships. Noah was an amutuer and his design worked very well. The bible described the water cycle long before any scientist. Historically the Bible is true as well. It described the city of Ninevah - the Bible is the only book to describe this city, and it does exist. Archeologists discovered it in the 1840's. The city of Babylon has been discovered , and the Bible talks about it. Unscientific? I think not. Not Historical? I think Not.
Seriously the Big Bang is a big pile of nonsense.
by A competant person September 21, 2008
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