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An intelligent and rather unusual man who cannot be categorized as either "Right Wing" or even "Left Wing"; to his credit, he is truly an independent thinker, and he has several views that I don't agree with, but his views are very thoroughly reasoned out. He is the Sworn Enemy of all enemies to our country -- including Big Pharma (big drug companies) and fanatical Muslims and politicians who try to hoodwink the American public into agendas that the public actually doesn't desire.

Although Savage is, indeed, a talk-radio host, he is not a clone of any of the others -- especially Not a clone of that miserable cretin named Bill O'Reilly (antonym). He is Not Rush Limbaugh, he is Not Sean Hannity, he is Not even Glenn Beck -- and he is Definitely NOT that ass-hole known as Bill O'Reilly (B.O. is a poser).

Mr. Savage will occasionally use college-level literature, and he has apparently done his history homework. He is also a skeptical nutritionist (a rare virtue among dieticians and other health workers); and he's also an ethno-botanist who has traveled throughout several countries in search of the tribal customs of cuisine and nutrition, and tribal customs regarding the use of various herbs and spices. He is also an epidemiologist, and that explains his concern about the spread of easily prevented Tuberculosis into our country.

(He deeply believes that people should learn to take care of their health -- and not believe every word told them in high school regarding health, or anything that Big Pharma is brainwashing people into believing.)

(Tuberculosis is a disease that the United States had almost completely gotten rid of in the early 20th century -- and it appears to be coming back.)

While nobody can agree with every single opinion that Michael Savage expresses, the fact is that his talk-radio show is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally exciting -- very different from anything that I had ever encountered in radio or on television or even in books.

Finally, it should be noted that sometimes, one of Savage's workers will post something very ugly on the website made in Michael Savage's name, and might make Savage look bad -- but the items are news items that need to be seriously discussed, and some of those items should definitely never, ever be forgotten.
Speaker 1: "Hey, I just listened to Michael Savage's radio show today."

Speaker 2: "What did that ass-hole talk about today?"

Speaker 1: "Chill. It was a combination of poems by Kahlil Gibran, and several observations about nutrition, and more reasons why we should never trust our government to protect us."

Speaker 2: "Maybe I'll start listening to him -- but I'll probably continue hating him anyway."

Speaker 1: "I sometimes get angry at him -- but at least he doesn't suck the way that some of the others do -- especially those television guys who are essentially pimps for either CNN or Fox News."
by A Savage Woman June 26, 2007

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