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A multicultural country proud and a place you can stand tall and speak your mind (as long as it isn't racist, or suchlike). We appreciate those who work hard and treat others as equals, and there are so many places to see. Australians are pretty relaxed, but there are large cities such as Melbourne of Sydney (for sight seeing) for those used to the city life. There is little racism or sexism in Australia, and those who approve of it are punished.

Australians are proud people. Respectful people. And it leaves a mark, good or bad, on any who visit what I am glad to call home. I would never want to live anywhere else.

We have just as well working facilities (banks, fast food restaurants, etc) as most other places.

Never think you've seen it all; Australia has been around since the Earth was formed, despite being one of the last discovered and colonized countries.

Australia has little snow and HOT summers (up to 40 degrees Celsius), so come prepared! In Queensland, most Summers are hot and humid, but don't let that put you off this wonderful nation!
Australia has amazing an amazing Geological history.

The capital cities all have their own wonders and fantastic memories to bestow upon their visitors.

Please though, everyone has their own rights to an opinion, and forcing yours upon another unwilling person is not what being a free, multicultural nation is about.
by A Proud Aussie August 03, 2012

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