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2 definitions by A O

Freeride is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in mountain biking today. Freeriding is a term used to refer to riders who aren't focused on one area of mountain biking, but rather attack all aspects of the sport with great vigor. Freeriders can be seen riding downhill, technical X-country, dirtjumping, North-Shore style raised trails, urban assault and any other form of mountain biking that produces a rush. Freeride bikes range from small hard-tails setup for jumping, to full-suspension downhill rigs that have been reduced in weight and will sometimes have as many as 27 speeds as opposed to the standard 9-speed downhill setups. Freeriding is all about the rush!
Jonathan went from the dirt track jumps over to the downhill trail on his freeriding trip to Vancouver.
by A O March 02, 2006
Fueled by bud, beer, and many forms of carbohydrates, these thrill seeking folks can be seen all around the globe enjoying the finer things in life. Often these lifestyle aficionados are found frequenting remote islands, reef breaks, point breaks, snow-covered mountains, golf courses, sports and music venues, drinking establishments, and other gatherings of cultural minds.
Those guys from the Talapia Mafia threw the best Tahitian-full moon party, and then took us on their private yacht to Teahupoo for a night session. I can't wait to see those Talapia guys in Tahoe!
by A O October 14, 2008