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A Quahogian dialect's pronunciation of whip. The emphasis is put on the "h" in whip, pronouncing it hwhip.
Episode of Family Guy: Brian and Stewie are sitting on the couch eating pie:

Brian Griffin: What'd you say?
Stewie Griffin: I asked you to pass the cool hwhip
Brian Griffin: You mean cool Whip?
Stewie Griffin: Yeah, cool hwhip goes great with pie.
Brian Griffin: Whip
Stewie Griffin: Hwhip
Brian Griffin: Whip
Stewie Griffin: Hwhip
by A Daddy February 28, 2008
A person of the female sex that has a preference, sometimes addiction, to anal sex. The term is not to be confused with butt-hole, an opening on the underside of your body.
Guy 1: Man, im so tired, i must have had anal with her like 10 times.
Guy 2: Sounds like a butt-hoe to me.
by A Daddy October 23, 2007
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