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What I am because I'm from the Midwest and because I said that I supported the North during conversations (and some arguments) about the Civil War. Yankee is not a bad name at all, and I don't see it as being derogatory.
Personally I take being called "yankee" as a compliment!
by A Christian March 17, 2005
A Code of Laws created by the Lord Our God, and presented to Moses directly by God on Mount Sinai after leading the Israelites out of Egypt and from slavery. Now these ten major rules of how people are instructed to lead their lives are used by the billions of worshippers in both Christianity and Judiasm.
Unfortunately, now these ten very important laws are coming under attack for being displayed in public, as they have been for about the past two years. They are attacked by people who "believe" that these rules are unconstitutional (see separation of church and state).
It is important for us to save these Ten Commandments, as they are a major part of the moral foundation of the United States and many other countries. What's next? Are we going to arrest people for carrying the Bible around?
I recommend that everyone who cares about saving these important moral guidelines should go sign online petitions like those on the websites of the Center For Reclaiming America and the American Family Association. Also try contacting your state congressmen and appeal to them as well.
by A Christian March 23, 2005
A woman being gradually murdered by being ultimately deprived of food and water. It has been stated that this unjust removable of the feeding tube from Terri is actually a major violation of her religious rights as a Catholic.
You godless liberals and you're overly open-minded judges and state representatives are allowing the slow murder of Terri Schiavo; you'll be sorry and regretful in the end.
by A Christian March 25, 2005
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