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1: Name for a very beautiful, sweet, caring young lady

2: Best mother to her kids no matter what

3: One who can be very confused about wanting to be with someone and may change her mind all the time

5: A Brat to many yet is always "VERY" dedicated to her family

6: Angel Face!

7: One who cannot hold her pee tubes as long as she drinks alcohol

8: Someone who you would love to have in your life and/or be
1: "Who is that hottie over there?", "Oh thats just Mickeelynne shes a doll, some people like to call her a slutbutt but she is pretty loyal to her man, so no point in trying" "Oh dammit...anyways..."

2: "Its a turd...Its a pain...its Mickeelynne"

3 "Mommy if the devil was the most evilest angel god had in heaven... whats the most loving angels name?" "That would be mickeelynne hun" "She sounds pretty" "Ive heard she is from a little shadow"
by 909SHADOW909 July 05, 2012
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