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Best town in the history of Earth. Drinking all day and all night. Have the best place on Earth in the heart of the town, Belmont Park/Racetrack. Floral Park Memorial High School as of 2008-2009 school year was rated top 50 high schools in the country, including private schools. Great athletes, great scholars, while managing to drink 5 days a week in the summer and basically the same during the winter. Have a mix of every kind of person you can possibly imagine but in the end, all Floral Parkers.
typical day in floral park, go to belmont, get your afternoon/evening going right, lose 20 bucks on the ponies, get angry after that so you drink more, walk over the racetrack illegally so u dont have to walk around, go straight to town where you will start at any of the bars and end up going to all of them to find the crowd, do some drugs afterwards, taxi home
by 50 beer king May 25, 2009

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