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Infernal Revenue Service, etc.

A satanic cabal of bureaucrats that believes in plundering the wealth of taxpayers to fund projects like the ghetto school program, Iraq reconstruction and other forms of income redistribution from the middle class to the government.

One of the last remaining remnants of socialism in an otherwise free-market economy.

Was christened (originally the "Bureau of Revenue") in 1913 along with the Federal Reserve. See 16th Amendment of the US Constitution. Ratified by 38 states and signed into law by Republican William Howard Taft, who came in third place in the 1912 elections (behind Democrat Woodrow Wilson and Bull Moose candidate Teddy Roosevelt).

Quite possibly deepened the Great Depression of the 1930s, which was much worse than the economic depressions of the 19th Century.

Federal income tax had been ruled unconstitutional two times earlier by the Supreme Court in the late 1800s.

First set at less than 5% under the administration of Abraham Lincoln in 1862, and was voluntarily abandoned by the feds after the Civil War (imagine that today).
The marketplace giveth, and the IRS taketh away.

It's impossible to get out of child support, subsidized student loans, state taxes and federal obligations to the IRS.

The IRS is taking 15% of grandma's Social Security check, because she won too many bingo games.
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
A San Diego-based rock star/surfer who took over the helm of the moribund, Seattle, grunge band Mother Love Bone and turned it into the mega-platnum, hit machine Pearl Jam in 1991.

Sang on the album Ten which was one of the five most influential albums of the 1990s (along with Nirvana's Nevermind, Dr Dre's the Chronic, Alice in Chains' Facelift and Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss)

Is an example of a good yuppie - rich but cares about the environment, ending racism/sexism/homophobia and electing liberal Democrats to office.

Used to swing from the rafters like Tarzan and give free concerts like the Day on the Green in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1992. (I was there).
"I'm Eddie Vedder, and I care about the environment."

Thousands of sexy chicks cheer and throw their panties on the stage.
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
Slayer's pentultimate 1986 masterpiece.

Produced by Rick Rubin and released on Def Jam

The first satanic thrash metal album ever released on a major label.

One of the most controversial albums of all time.

One of the fastest albums of all time: clocking in at just under 30 minutes.

Song list:

1) Angel of Death (90% of the controversy) 10/10
2) Piece by Piece 9/10
3) Necrophobic 9/10
4) Altar of Sacrifice 10/10
5) Jesus Saves (the other ten percent of the controversy) 10/10
6) Criminally Insane 10/10
7) Reborn 9/10
8) Epidemic 9/10
9) Postmortem 10/10
10) Raining Blood 10/10

Reign in Blood's release was delayed because of concerns regarding its lyrical subject matter and graphic artwork: several Catholic Popes drowning in a river of blood in Hell; Satan on his throne; etc.

The opening track, "Angel of Death", references Josef Mengele and details acts committed at the Auschwitz concentration camp, which provoked allegations of Nazism. Slayer takes no pro or con position on the matter in the song.

The album was Slayer's first to enter the Billboard 200; the release peaked at number 94, and in 1992 was awarded a gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Kerrang! magazine described it as the "heaviest album of all time" while Metal Hammer magazine named it "the best metal album of the last 20 years".

Inexplicably the ultra-mainstream Spin Magazine ranked the album number 67 on their list of the "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005."
Slayer's "Reign In Blood" was directly responsible for the rise of death metal and cannot be bested. Bow down.

Reign in Blood is by far the best metal album of the 1980s bar none.
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
A collection of people too dumb, bald, lazy, handicapped, fat, black or old to get a job in corporate America.

The last refuge for dumb liberals.
That lady that looks like she crawled out of a barell of nuclear waste ... the one that takes three smoke breaks an hour ... she's been eating ho hos all day ... the one who speaks ebonically ... yeah, her, the fat one with tattoos on her neck ... she's one of those typical government employees
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
The white trucker who was nearly beaten to death by the LA Four, on April 29th, 1992, at the corner of Florence and Normandy in South Central Los Angeles during the Rodney King Riots/Celebration.

Sustained severe brain damage and lives every day of his life in severe pain suffering from seizures from a crater in his head caused by an airborne brick thrown by one of his assailants, who did a NFL victory dance after braining Mr. Denny and stealing his wallet.

Was abandoned by the LAPD along with hundreds of other innocent civilians, who were victimized by career criminals during the Rodney King Riots.

A good example of why it's a good idea to hit the gas, if a bunch of guys in the ghetto try to carjack your 18 wheeler.

Reginald Denny should have run over those racist gangbangers instead of letting them into the cab of his truck.

You could be the next Reginald Denny, if you happen to work a job in a high crime area.
by 50 Shit September 14, 2007
Metallica's first and best album.

Heavily influenced by Venom and Motorhead but took it up another notch with the superior guitar soloing of former Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Reworks demos from 1981's Hit the Lights 7-inch and 1982's No Life Til Leather (featuring Dave Mustaine on lead guitars/lead vocals) and vastly improves on their song structure.

Song list found in another prior UD definition. All songs are raw and not overproduced - the opposite of every Metallica album afterwards.

Originally released on Megaforce Records in May 1983.
Kill Em All is clearly the only Metallica album that doesn't suck and is still enjoyable in the present tense.

The black kids in my high school (late 1980s) thought Kill Em All had something to do with killing black people, which is totally stupid and false.
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
A racist statistic invented by the FBI and ghetto leaders like Al Sharpton that ignores the problem of black people killing and/or robbing non-blacks.

Went out of vogue as a phrase soon, after it was invented in the 1980s with the rise of gangsta rap, the public indignation after the 1992 Rodney King Riots and the financial decline of afrocentric rappers like Public Enemy.
Why doesn't the FBI report on black on white crime? White people pretty much have it coming, I guess. That's the mark of cain we get for being white. Black on Black crime is the important thing. Yawn.

Black on white crime isn't a serious issue, because Spike Lee said that black people can't be racist. Black on black crime can also somehow be blamed on whitey.
by 50 shit September 17, 2007

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