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A rural South Jersey township with a population of about 40,000. There is no public transportation and so there is always traffic at rush hour. In the public schools, each classroom has 30 or more students. Even with additions and expansions, the high school is still congested with more than 2,100 students. Between classes, hallways are arguably the equivalent of a Times Square sidewalk during the holiday season. It doesn't matter though because kids who think they're cool come to school high anyway. During the summer, everyone flocks to the beach and then complains about bennies. However, in the winter when the beach isn't an option, people go out and "party" which usually consists of getting drunk after two beers and then smoking a bowl full of skank weed. Houses range from large, single family homes to mobile homes. The Shore Mall doesn't deserve to be called a mall so instead everybody goes to the Hamilton Mall in dirty old Mays Landing. A lot of people commute to Atlantic City casinos for work and are part of the working class. Those who don't are middle class; no one is rich, some just pretend to be. Girls are usually trashy and almost none are virgins at the high school. People complain about EHT, but it seems that no one ever leaves because even most of the kids who graduate are too lazy to get anywhere in life.
We must be in Egg Harbor Township since there are 15 neighborhoods within a 2-mile radius.
by 41600 acres of nothing June 12, 2010

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