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A fruitless activity. Tring to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope.
I have been trying to get back with my boyfriend but I think i'm just chasing pavements
by 3Shirts September 16, 2008
Used to describe an event, object or person which is of little importance. Stems from the fact that chickens (at least those bred as food) have wings but can't fly, rendering the wings unimportant. Can be used in place of a reassuring "don't worry about it" statement but often used as a sarcastic retort suggesting that which is being described is really not as important as the person saying it believes
Dave: Man I can't beleive I have to work on Saturday
Steve: Hey man, it ain't no thing but a chicken wing


Dave: I got toally carved up by some d*ckhead white van at the roundabout
Steve: So? It ain't no thing but a chicken wing
by 3Shirts December 19, 2007
An English five pound note which displays Elizabeth Fry on one side.
1: Dude, can you lend me a fry

2: It's a fry to park there for the day, what a rip off.
by 3Shirts July 03, 2009
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