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best mother fucking country in the world. any mofos who think any different can burn in hell for all i care. best at most sports ( not including them american "sports" like baseball and poofball (oh wait gridiron)) we'll kick ur ass at cricket, AFL (best form of football on this earth) swimming (not a real sport) etc. we'll out drink you any day. our laid back attitude kicks ass. our military is one of the best trained in the world. dont judge us by our dickhead Politicians cause well all politicians are dickheads. any wayz Australia kicks ass FULLSTOP.
best country in the world
by 35acu 4 life August 26, 2005
any person from england
pommy poof: whats all this then
other: shut you pommy poof
by 35acu 4 life August 26, 2005
a person who is on a quest to eat/swallow (cum).
that dude is on a cumquest.

Man hes a dickhead
by 35acu 4 life August 26, 2005

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