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When a group of 2 or more people are in rotation smoking a blunt usually at a party or a small get-together, and everyone decides to quit smokin before the blunt is gone therefore leaving one person usually the true stoner of the group Left to Bake or left to finish the rest of the blunt themself.
Smoker 1 - "Hey nigga its your turn to hit this blunt."

Smoker 2 - "Naw dude im good"

Smoker 1 " Here dude hit this"

Smoker 3 - "Naw you go ahead im gunna walk back to the party"

Smoker 1 - "Damn nigga yall lame as hell i know you aint gunna leave me Left to Bake on this bitch"
by -K Y I- June 23, 2009

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