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Phrase used to combat the 'no homo' and 'pause' 'man laws', implying that any homosexually suggestive language/behavior/innuendo is to be conveyed in the MOST HOMOSEXUAL WAY possible. The phrase was possibly coined by homosexual males, or otherwise seemingly-straight males who somehow feel offended by the rules and/or usage of the phrases 'no homo' and 'pause', for whatever reason.

Very similar to yes homo.
(At a tattoo parlor)
Guy A: ...if you want it that low, you're gonna have to bend over so I can put it on you.
Guy B: WHAT?!
Guy A: I said that you're going to have to bend over so...
Guy B: Don't repeat it - NO HOMO on that statement, man - you can't be talking like that to customers!
Guy A: Aw, man, you're on that 'no homo' stuff too? Then I meant to say that you're going to have to bend over so I can put it on you - ALL HOMO!

- or -

Guy C: He's over there gettin' serious money, so I'm trynna get with that nigga...
Guy D: WHAT?!
Guy C: Damn, do you have to turn everything I say into something gay? Damn! I'm NOT a homo, man - I'm never thinking anything gay!
Guy D: How about, do YOU have to turn everything you say into something gay?
Guy C: How come we can't be talking about bitches or something, instead of trying to think about how things I say can be turned into something homo?
Guy D: Hmm - well, I'm just saying, without that 'no homo', you're sounding very much like a homo right now. Plus, why weren't you talking about bitches in the first place, then...
by - The Phantom Menace - April 28, 2008

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