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A myspace whore can usually be seen as an ugly female, trying to look of the least bit pretty using photoshop. Usually having the same pose of themselves about 5 times, just in different places, then captioning "missing yu babiii~~." Most whores dont spell anything right, and wont take the time to type out a three-letter word(ex: you, the,).

You may see whoring as funny, or maybe even a compliment. You may think, i'll post all 12 pictures(maximun limit) of me, showing i have absolutely no friends.

Some myspace whores are underaged seventh grade sluts. They think they are chill having pictures of their little immature breasts. They also have "D0Nt StARt With MEHH" in their about me's.

Also, myspace whores have more then 400 friends. Not one person can have more then 400 friends. It's ridiculus to add someone for the number, they have feelings too.

Nobody wants to see "mi b0o0ored." on a myspace, its not interesting. And chances are no one probably wants to comment it, but since you say I'LL COMMENT YOU IF YOU COMMENT ME, you apparently have no choice..

The last statement about myspace whores would most likely be they can post more then 10 bullitens a day asking for comments, messages, and picture comments. If you cant get comments, then suck it..

jessica : omg!~! i got 2 nuu pixxxx !!
brittney : so .. ?
jessica : welLlLl. c0mment themm!~1
brittney : im doing something ..
jessica : i'll c0mment y0urs if yew c0mment mine!
brittney : um no..
jessica : UHHHH, wh0re.
the pictures jessica had were all the same poses, looking terrible and not realizing it.

( jessica is the myspace whore )

by ;bam; April 11, 2006

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