Dude 1: "Damn! I only have one schmag left!"

Dude 2: "Better head to 7-11."
by stirling78 April 27, 2009
An unkown, sticky, wet substance forund in an unusual place
gross! i just got schmag on my hand from the glass
by glorygirl January 26, 2005
1. Disgusting, gelatinous mass 2. Any article suggestive of schmag or of equal relative value to schmag
Dude, get your schmag off my bed.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
overweight unattractive cougar with to much makeup that hits on men at closing time.
the schmag relentlessly hit on the young man
by spikola February 4, 2010
Dude, I had to remove that schmag for The Utah Bear Alliance before my boss saw it.
by macuum February 28, 2010
Pronounced shmadj. Abbreviated form of schmagina (from the latin vagina schmagina).
1. Schmag can be used much like the word "smurf-"
2. Or as a noun meaning crap, stuff
1. "schmagtastic"; "shmagical"; "schmagerrific".

2. "Hey, what is that schmag all over your sleeve?" or "You've got a little schmag in the corner of your mouth there."
by Nickdammit August 8, 2006
The rag used to clean off your penis after you bone a chick on her period.
Damn, I finished boning her but I couldn't find my schmag, I think I pushed it too far under the bed.
by SolidStank June 18, 2003