Middle-management buzzword for saying "no".
There was some push back from the client regarding the new creative. We'll have to re-do it.
by bkdouble October 5, 2006
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The industry lingo for the action of pushing a commercial jet back from its gate. Among crew members and others working directly at the gates the term can be shortened to simply "push".
long form:
"Ground Control, United 1482 is ready for push back and taxi."
"Hurry up...RUN.....crap, look, they've already pushed back"

short form:
"Ok everyone we need your tush in a cush so we can 'push' and get this Boeing going!"
by DigitalWizard February 24, 2007
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When spooning turns to touching and the little spoon pushes their ass back into the big spoon signaling their down to get it on.
Sheila hit me with the push back as soon as the lights went out and it was on.
by Beast.Master October 21, 2017
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Return gun fire. Return gun fire with force.
People are shooting at us. I’m pushing back!
by Shoefe March 23, 2019
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man 1: wanna push back a square?
man 2: nah man i quit.
man 1: well fuck you then!
man 2: get cancer and die!!!
by mo211 October 30, 2008
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verb to get knocked the fuck out, usually by a very hard hit to the head (dome)
keep frontin' like yous a thug and get your dome pushed back
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
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"Yeah, you can talk ya shit. But when I see you ima push ya shit back"
"1.) What happened to moe?

2.) That nigga got his shit pushed back"
by sophilly215 January 8, 2021
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