A inexperienced and/or ignorant or unskilled person. Especially used in computer games.
Haha that n00b got pwned.
by Lord Emperor October 11, 2003
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1) A person who is new to a game
2) A person who, regardless of experience, lacks the skill or copmetence to be competitive in a certain game
3) Someone who tends to whine or complain when being beaten at a game - often done by accussing more skilled opponents of hacking
4) One who may talk trash, claiming to be elite at a game, only to be beaten down by a better player, or will turn down any games when challenged by better players.


1) To act or behave in the way that a n00b would
2) Behaving as if lacking experience, skill or knowledge

NOTE: Can be used with a number of connotations. Often is used mockingly or in a manner of jesting. Other times is used seriously, but is often considered a brainless or weak insult when used alone as a supposed malicious insult. Is generally considered rude and deragatory unless a person is displaying disregard and general apathy towards other players - in this case, skill may be a non-factor (see definitions 3 and 4).

See also n00bed, n00bie, and newbie

This n00b just charges in at the enemies and gets owned in the first 10 seconds of the game.

v. Look at this guy n00bing it up - I've never seen anyone die so fast, so often.
by Mavarick December 3, 2003
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someone who thinks they are better than other player/ causes needless arguments. also is a high level/ rank, but is completely crap at whatever they do.
Two real life incidents:

n00b: hey you english fag! big ben big ben! english teabag! you jealous of america!
english guy: shut the fuck up.

EX 2:
n00b gets a kill. starts teabagging body. killed player goes to spot of death, sees n00b still teabagging body. n00b dies explosively from behind.
by thisrandombloke June 3, 2010
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A n00b is a player or member of an online game or forum who acts in a generally arrogant and rude manner. The term n00b is often confused with the term newb, which refers to someone new to an online game or forum. While one must lack skill and competence to be a n00b, lack of skill alone is not enough to define one as a n00b. N00b is more of a reference to the attitude or demeanor of a player than to their skill. As a rule, n00bs speak in 1337speek and occasionally all caps. To be a n00b, one must first convince themselves beyond all doubt that they are the best at their chosen game, and like to prove it by killing level 1s. Noobs often ask for free gear or money on online games, and will insult the player in question when they are decline their said free gear or money. Similarly, when n00bs are offered advice as to how to become better at the game, they will usually ignore the advice and will often berate the one attempting to help. N00bs will often themselves use the word n00b to insult friendlier or more exprienced players. N00bs are notoriously bad sports, and upon being defeated n00bs will often call the player who beat them a H4X0R (hacker) or accuse them of being cheap. In the event that a n00b actually wins (usually after defeating a level 1), the n00b will announce their superiority to everyone in the vicinity. On forums, n00bs will often revive dead posts, ask to be a staff member in their first post and flame people for no reason. It is a common misconception among non-gamers and newbs that the only person that would ever call someone a n00b is someone who spends 15+ hours a day in front of a keyboard. These misconceptions usually stem from being called a n00b. In most cases, the one who called the newb or non-gamer a n00b is a n00b themselves. N00bs usually lack proper spelling and grammar. N00bs use excessive amounts of exclamation marks, and will occasionally use 1s in the place of said exclamation marks. The reasoning behind this is unknown. If a n00b somehow manages to team up with other players, he will blame the other players for all of his mistakes. N00bs will often demand to be the group leader. N00bs can usually be identified by their username.
A few examples of n00b behavior:

n00b: Fr33 g34r plz.
Level 70 player: No.
n00b: OMFG STFU n0000000000000b I h8 u f4G!!1!!1!!!!111.

(N00b kills Level 1 player)
n00b: OMFG I OWNX0R3D j00 n00bles!!!!1!11! I R0X0R5! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!11!
Level 20 player: Dude, you killed a level 1. That's not something to be proud of.
n00b: STFU f@G!1!!!1! U R N000000000000000000000000000B!11!!!1!

(N00b gets killed by monster)
Level 40 player: Try healing when your health gets low next time.
n00b: STFU n00b I dnot n33D t0 T4K3 0drers Fr0M j00 f@G!!1!!!1!! ROFLMAO

(N00b attacks level 100 player and gets killed)
n00b: OMFG u H4x0r5 p3rm4b4n!!!111!!1!!11!

(N00b pulls a bunch of level 100 monsters and gets his group killed)
N00b: U sUX0rS thta w4s all yor folt!!111!!1! If j00 had helepd m3 j00 faGS then i wud hav PWNX0R3D!!!!111!!1! I H8 j001!!1! I shud b3 gr00p L34D3R!!!11!1!!1!
Computer: You have been uninvited.

(N00b makes his first post on a forum)
N00b: Y0y0y0 B1tches! Can u mk m3 st4ff plzplzplzplzplz?!?!?!?!?11?!
Admin: We usually don't make people staff after their first post.
N00bs: OMFG th1s F0RUM sUx0Rs!!!11!1!1! j00 r awl FAGS!!@@!11! I'm nevAr c0ming B4K h3r3!!!!1!!1!111!!
Admin: ...the f*** was all that about?

n00b: sdoigusdpr3 FSDafseTGdsdgfd sfdsfs453efe5@@!@Rsd
(We don't get it either)

Some examples of n00b usernames:
Their real name
by ArtfulDodger January 27, 2008
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The derogatory word used to label someone who is new to a particular game/forum/server/where-ever. Many people misuse the word, insulting new members by calling them 'n00b's.

The word 'newb' is sometimes confused with this term - 'newb' standing for 'new beginner'. Whereas a n00b means one of two common terms.

1) A new member who is acting stupidly.
2) A member who is acting stupidly, regardless of level and/or experience.
1) "Lol, u level 1 n00b stfu pwned."
2) "Wow, that guy's been here for 4 years and he still acts like a n00b."
by S June 27, 2004
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A player who may or may not be new to a game, but insists on doing brainless things, especially things that hinder the team. Those who are defined as "n00bs" will also refuse to listen to words of wisdom or, even worse, berate those who try to help.
j00 n00b I'm going to report you to n00bstories.com
by Crimson February 2, 2004
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An insult describing a person who is not only lacking in knowledge of something, but also blatantly refuses to learn about it and even berates those who would benefit him with experience. Often used in computer game circles.
"God, that guy is a serious n00b - all he ever does is teamkill."
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
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