A nickname for Hillary Clinton as dubbed by those closest to her. Her campaign manager may have been the first to refer to her as "hildawg". The term is used widely by her supporters at rallies, as well as by those who distrust her bitchy, hildawg like ways.
"I think that you would be more appealing to the base of the party if you stopped acting like such an obnoxious cunt, Hildawg"

"I would be for Hildawg, but she's kind of a bitch. I'll most likely vote for the nagger."

"Go Hildawg! Arf Arf Arf!"
by funincluded February 25, 2008
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a) the intern that gets hired one month after he/she starts working on sheer coolness factor alone.

b) a person at work that you can actually relate to on a non-corporate, "human" level

c) the shiznit
After logging in all those extra hours last week, and smoking me out after work, I think Sarah might just be a hildawg.
by dreamchach January 15, 2007
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