To bluff, to lie, to blave. Not to be confused with 'True Love'
your blaving
i am not! i am telling the truth!
by Mark May 12, 2005
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To lie, or to bluff. Most famously used in the Princess Bride.
“He distinctly said, ‘To Blave’”
by AmericanCookie1 January 25, 2019
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To be high while working in a vape shop
"My dude Kevin gave me the wrong juice because he's blaved at work"
by Poko276 June 20, 2017
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A Chicken Blave can come in all shapes and sizes although almost always includes a set of juicy, hairy balls located dangling off the chin. Chicken Blave's generally have a very succulent flavour and this flavour can be determined based off of the style of hair on the head.. Chicken Blave, put em in a wave, in a cave, with a black slave. its not racist if you mean it. Edward Dalton 4th and Xavier Pettiona 9th are the currents owners, CEO's, accountants, groundsmen, shearers, hedge workers, electricians, zookeepers, aeroplane repairisiis and most importantly illustrators. if you come face to face with a chicken blave don't be a faggot and bow the fuck down. u racist pig.
"hey have you seen the new chicken blave HQ?"
"nah im gay and not racist"
"oh so ur a pussy?"
"yeah exactly"
by sickcutjdeow November 15, 2019
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