One who walks around with a blanket on her head and corners people in laundry rooms in order to seduce them into letting her perform fellatio on them.
Did you get sucked by blanket dick yet? I heard she's got quite the bush.
by Of Mice and Pussies October 22, 2008
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When a dude has a long nappy un-tamed overgrown beard for keeping dicks warm.
That dude is so gay he grew a dick blanket.
by Honey badger January 15, 2013
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In the event that a male is demonstrating less than manly and or tough qualities and therefore being a baby, Dick Blanket is meant to take the place of pussy. Afterall, Betty White did say that a pussy "sure can take a beating"
Kasey: "I can't pull the trigger"
Karina:" Quit being such a dick blanket"
by bsprinkles February 17, 2013
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Another name for a girls hoohaa, the best kind of blanket a man can ask for
Did you try that dick blanket yet? Can definitely tell she slept around, it was loose as hell
by Imakewordsmmmhmm October 10, 2021
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masturbating with any kind of clothing/cloth wrapped around your dick. ergo dick blanket
Brad: Man i pulled off a dick blanket last night during the movie under the blanket because i wasn't getting any from Julie

John: nice man nice

Brad: yeah, she didnt even know!
by NcLovin April 23, 2008
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Slang for a "male fupa" aka "Dicky Do". Eg: His stomach hang lower than his dicky do.
DICK BLANKET/DICKY DO: His stomach hang lower than his dicky do.
by Koonman69 August 14, 2022
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