A 'step up' from the 'Alpha Male', which nearly invariably is assigned not to a free and independent man, but rather a cocky and arrogant, "bossy"-type - the Aloha Male is at peace holistically with his universe.

His is a transcendent state, requiring no hierarchy, and in which the concepts of 'alpha male' and 'beta male' etc. have no bearing; since anyone who attains this degree of primal harmonious independence has neither compulsion to lead, nor follow, nor compete - no sensation of having anything left to prove, either to other people, or to himself.

He has 'arrived', and remains, happy and self-satisfied. The epitome of successfulness.
"Have you ever noticed how James Bond literally NEVER needs to give orders, pull rank, or beg favours? Everyone who meets him appreciates and respects him, because he is so obviously at peace with himself, even while doing battle! What an Aloha male!"
by Johnny Soporno November 28, 2011
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