When something rotten is revealing itself.
There are bugs that are manifestering in the logs.
by relaxdiego June 7, 2023
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when you've been up for like a day and a half and everything anyone says or does is the funniest thing you've ever seen
I'm so sreepy...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!! ha ha haaa ha aha ah a hhha aaahahahha ha haah haha ahha... wooo... ha... (laugh at the fact that you're laughing) etc...

you have the sleepy ha has
by pantsless June 14, 2008
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Korean term (인연) similar to the concept of fate or kismet used to describe how people are destined to cross paths in a meaningful way. The concept is a common idea in Eastern philosophy and not exclusively a Korean concept.

When someone walks into your life, be it a stranger who brushes against you in crowd or a future romantic partner, it may seem like a small thing at first. But according to inyeon, every encounter with someone holds weight and is considered a culmination of events that have taken place over thousands of years and multiple lifetimes.
We’ve definitely shared so many past lives. When we first met, it felt like I knew him for a long time. Every time I’m with him, I feel like I’m progressing down a path that is familiar and meant to be. Even if we don’t work out, I know that I’ll walk away with a better understanding of myself and the world around me. It’s inyeon.
by bruhdisease June 6, 2023
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Blåhaj (read as Blew-high) is the superior shark plushie produced by swedish furniture company IKEA.

The Blåhaj is made of soft materials- no, hopes, dreams and happiness as it brings joy to everyone who sees it. It has recently become popular in the Trans and Femboy community, but it is a Shark plushie that can make everyone happy. And I do mean everyone.

The Blåhaj truly is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
John: "Yo, Jack. Tony and I got Blåhajs for our silly little mental health."
Jack: "Those IKEA sharks? Sick."
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Hagging - when you go to meet up with friends and it is agreed upon that no one is to put in any effort to make themselves look nice. Greasy hair, no makeup and trackies are all encouraged.
Hey Saz, I’ll be over at 7pm for movie night. You, Julie and Katie are hagging too, right?
by JCF88 June 5, 2023
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A collective term for one's nieces and nephews
Your niblings will be arriving shortly.
by Mike Livingstone September 1, 2003
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