The cat tax is the requirement to post cute pictures of your cat when you mention them on the internet.
Prima: "My cat is so sweet! She claws me in the face when her bowl is empty."

Segunda: "You forgot to pay the cat tax."

Prima: "My mistake! Here is a picture of my jerk cat."
by Anyhoozle December 18, 2020
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(v.) to find transcendent contentment through art.
-- "Man, everything sucks. My shitty job, worrying about loosing my shitty job, never having enough money, there’s never anything to do even if I did have enough money. And don’t get me started on the government: Republicans, Democrats, Donald Trump — like there’s a difference. They’re all dicks who think we’re all idiots. And you know what? We are idiots. Who else but an idiot would put up with all this sub-mental, rip-off bullshit? I swear, I can’t take it no more. It’s clocktower time."

-- "Chill, son. You need to get your art on. Slide over to the museum, soak up some Mondrian and Miro. Or school up on an instrument like Louis Badass Armstrong’s choice of expression: the trumpet. Get a girl; waltz her honey ass to a dance class. Or maybe channel your hang-up’s and screw-up’s into a play, off-Broadway style. Don’t look back in anger, man. Know’m saying? Let loose.”
by sophie abrahams March 9, 2011
J name theory is that any guy who's name starts with a J is complete crap and you shouldn't date them. Ask your friends. Very few guys with a name that starts with a J is worth anyone's time.
Hey do you remember my ex, J____?

Yeah, wasn't he a piece of crap?


Doesn't that just prove the J name theory?!
by Bbop2789 October 27, 2015
"Homo observatoris aeroplanae".

A species of person who likes to see concrete airplanes, such as the ones they like,special new routes, iconic aircraft etc. They often go dressed up with a fishing hat (without hooks), a sleeveless jacket (often bright yellow or orange if they have been selected to be in first line of an airshow). They sometimes carry powerful binoculars, use a radio transmitter so that they can hear conversations between control tower and pilots, and almost always they use a camera and a single lens of the telephoto type (they don't use other types). The ones who can't afford a good gear, usually have an average entry level camera and a cheap zoom. The ones who can afford a good gear or their dada y mama can buy them, usually carry a three kg €2000 professional National Geographic type constant Aperture lens, almost always use a professional camera and despite they have such gear, they don't earn money with the photos they take, and even they may only take airplane photos, think they are professional photographers and take the typical "plane on the blue sky seen from a side" and give a hundred of data that non planespotters don't often freaking care about.
The Planespotters differ from the "average photographer" because they are focused on the information about what they are seeing/portraying, while the photographer tries to take of everything giving the things a little more of sense and integrity with the theme in general.
I was once at the airport with my old Alpha 200 and my crap zoom lens and taking some panning shots of Ryanair airplanes when someone came behind me. It was a Planespotter dressed up with a fancy hat, a very bright fluorescent jacket and was carrying huge Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a €3500 zoom lens. He said if I was a novice spotter and if I was going to wait for the British Airways flight number BA732 operated by Air Caraïbes, with a Boeing 747-42combi, taking off from Madrid at 6:58 pm bound to Los Angeles.
Me:-"Oh yeah? A Jumbo is coming? Cool!"
Spotter:-"Hyea! And yes, you are a novice."
We both saw the big Jumbo Jet and I took just two hip-sweep panning pictures and since the plane began to run until it disappeared in the high sky I heard that annoying guy shooting a long burst.
I check my pic: "wa nice! the airplane near to the ground looks so heavy and all the background is so smooth, speedy!..."
The planespotter looks his pictures half an hour... "Cool, I will upload this to, and so that I may be accepted one.
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by Teh Wolfboy January 23, 2018
Person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers porches or front door areas.
"Man, I just got my shit stolen from a porch pirate"
by DigglerOU812 December 8, 2011
This phrase is typically used to express shock or surprise. While originally, it was generally used by people from the Greater Boston area, it has since spread across the Eastern United States - making it as far south as Central Florida.

This phrase is not to be confused with "I cannot AHAHA oh my god." While similar in use cases, "I am lowkey literally deadass dead" is used in instances where humor may or may not be present, while "I cannot AHAHA oh my god" is typically used in a comedy setting.
"Bro, me and Cassidy made out a little in the walk-in at work."

"I am lowkey literally deadass dead right now."
by deflatedwaffles March 3, 2023
The pants that you should wear when you hang with your girl;)
Girlfriend:"You should comeover today, oh and wear your grey sweatpants"
by FBGMx2 March 13, 2016