A key word used a lot to describe all the weird news stories about random Floridians committing weird and dumb crimes, due to the state law regarding freedom of press about the fact that every police or court case must be public. Most of these weird stories, however, are related to white Florida men, the police and drugs. Due to this, this is why people outside Florida hate Florida. Can also be used as Florida Woman.
- Florida Man lights off fireworks inside Wendy's restaurant
- Florida Man caught watching solar eclipse while stealing car
- Florida Man swings 4ft alligator towards customers
- Florida Man attempts to steal car that isn't working until police arrived
- Florida Woman arrested for pelting brother with chicken nuggets
- Florida Man bites head off hamster
- Florida Man has sex while stealing trailer
- Florida Man attempts to swallow bag of weed while being pulled over by police
- Florida Man banned from beach after allegedly giving sugardaddy business cards to young girls
- Florida Man pissed that AT&T trucks are working outside his house, shoots tires
- Florida Man accidentally kills girlfriend after thinking it was a hog
- Florida Man beats up accused rapist in front of deputies
- Naked Florida Man breaks into neighbor's house to top his burgers with sesame seeds
- Florida Man poops into jewelry parking lot
by i hate sjws August 25, 2017
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When its that time and you know your in for it.
CJ: Ah shit, Here we go again.
by Walugie April 18, 2019
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A long and tiresome walk.
Origin: Yiddish.
It's a bit of a schlep from here to the shop.
by Jono March 27, 2005
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That single chair in a hotel room that’s always somehow facing the bed.
Me and my wife really liked his vibe so we took him back to our hotel room and I sat in the cuck chair and watched.
by Tcrain1017 June 5, 2021
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THE most useless thing known to man. have you even heard of a decorative gourd? bet you haven't. bet you have seen one. but why do they exist.
person 1: *shows friend picture of a decorative gourd* decorative gourd.
person 2: thats what those are? ive seen those before. what are they used fo-... oh... bruh.
by Xbox name is LarryTheM0bster September 23, 2020
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German word for "compulsion to move." Zugzwang is a term used in chess when it's your turn to move a piece, but regardless of where you move, you will be at a disadvantage. In other words Zugzwang is when you need to move, but you don't want to because of the terrible conditions.
Dude: So what? Are you going to introduce to her and at least try to get her number?

Shy guy: I want to, but she's with all her friends, and that's kind of embarrassing.

Dude: You know you won't see her again until summer's over.

Shy guy: Shit, I hate being in zugzwang!
by PokarFace June 24, 2010
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A specific kind of police force in Iran that roughly translates to "morality police". They are corrupt to the core and should not exist. The term can also be used as a curse word since they are all nasty little shits.
-hey that's Gashte Ershad!

-yes they are. Let's beat the shit out of them.
by RISEN474AZ September 19, 2022
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