#your mom

Top Definition
your mom in British english
i love me mum so much
by Rickynesh April 21, 2017

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charlotte is the best person you will ever meet! she normally has blonde hair and green eyes. She has no friends except her dog fin and is dating alister feazy. what a wonderful girl charlotte!
wow that charlotte girl is cool
by alisterfeazy April 25, 2017

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me-you are retarded
by me wigga February 04, 2018

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Ivan’s mom
via giphy

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you arecrippled crippling debt
by go die mr123456789 December 20, 2017

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stupid little butthead
ur such a renzo
by nevinbootyheadiscool October 02, 2018

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When a girl how is shorty or at least under 5.5 has a outstandingly huge ass
Guy 1: yo, that shorty thicc
Guy 2: damn bro your right that shorty thicc as hell
by Pepperoni nipple nigga July 13, 2018

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