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They are one-of-a-kind, grade-A pieces of shit that complain in high piched voices whenever someone says something that they don't like. They are so big headed while they are driving around town in their yellow cars (everyone hates yellow).
"Hay dude check that yellow car"
"Yeah, it's problably a Christoffel driving that car"
by muderfucker February 23, 2017

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IE: "are you Yellow?" A mem used for "Yellow socialism" was also a Marxist term of abuse for all non-Marxist socialists. Pierre BiƩtry coined the term "Yellow socialism", as a deliberate contrast to Marxist "Red socialism"

The term picked up in France in the turn of the last century with "yellow union." unions were banned and replaced by corporations organized along the fascist model by the Vichy Regime

"Yellow" groups were strongly opposed to Marxism.

"Yellow" in the United States was used in opposition to immigration, because competition from immigrants reduced wages or took jobs from native-born workers, and sometimes even racism including anti-Semitism

Wikipedia has this described in more detail under "Company union" France
"are you Yellow?"
by OxAO December 02, 2017

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When an asian has a kid with a black person . This breed of humanity has the characteristics of both races as in they are smart, the get shot at by the cops, can't drive, and leave their children.
I am what you call a yellow nig
by It's MA'AM January 15, 2019

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