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Man- do you know what today is?
Mark man- Thursday
Man- no National Fuck CM Punk day

Mark man- Fuck you Roman reigns loving piece of shit, CM punk made WWE and carried Vince’s ass when it came to revenue, he’s the Fucking best in the world you Kenny omega dick sucker faggot
Man- ok
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by LatinoHeat11 June 16, 2018

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Wwe syndrome- talks way to much about Wwe
Symptoms- annoying, talks to much about their favorite wwe star, flat out boring, and too loud
Causes- watches too much wwe

“Hey Timmy how’s the weather?”
“Cloudy with a chance of RKO”

It’s common for people with short 3 letter names to catch the syndrome, for example,

“Damn, I think max has wwe syndrome, he talks way to much about wwe”
by bubbaman40 May 27, 2018

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