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Wut = a legendary word to explain your confusion and being in general a high muthafuka
Hey Brock how are u how is ur mum,aunt,uncle,etc.

Me: Wut.
by Brock~Sensei July 14, 2018

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Usually doing stupid shit Andan has a big heart and lots of energy in him.They usually watch sports such as Football basketball he does like to play music and can act like a psychopath but he is one of a kind especially around the ladies
Damn later last night this guy opened up to me he is an Andan for sure
by Spooncy July 11, 2018

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a bitch named XCD
that bitch is an egirl

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"fuhh that foo just got SHMECK'D by that dewd"
by lexxsegui August 26, 2017

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